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Dairy Goat Housing

At Give A Goat we prefer to build a RAISED GOAT HOUSE as opposed to a goat pen of sorts. The ability to clean and keep the interior dry is much better for the animals. Great dairy goats tend to produce more milk and live healthier when the proper treatment and management is in place. By building the raised goat house the risk of worms is less and the droppings can be used as fertilizer in gardens. Goat houses consist of 1 male/buck room and 1 or 2 female rooms depending on how many goats have been provided. The cost of a goat house includes material, 2 to 3 days of labor and transportation for all is approximately 800,000 shillings ($292.00)

Goat Food (Fodder)

Fortunately Uganda and East Africa is very fertile and filled with great fodder for the goats. Grasses, matoke (type of banana), trees, bush and may other natural options are there. However, in order for the goats to get a well rounded diet and proper supplements we provide our partners with dairy meal, (milled grain), as well as mineral blocks, buckets for water and construct feeding racks food to be eaten from. Feeding racks tend to keep the fodder much cleaner which again is vital to the goats production and survival. The cost monthly for supporting this part of our ministry is approximately 200,000-300,000 shillings a month.$75.00-$110.

Goat Care

Vet care is not easy to find in Uganda. We often have a manager administer a shot or provide the care to our donated goats. In order for us to properly educate the managers at each compound, we have an assistant Karim visit with each recipient regularly. Our goal long term is to have Karim as a manager of our farm. The good news is, there are pharmacies and clinics for animal medication and prevention. Coccidiosis, worms, ticks, and infections are the most common problems. To treat and care for these animals it can cost approximately 100,000-300,000 shillings a month. ($35-110.00) This is where our monthly auto pay supporters can really assist with our missions.

Goat Perimeter (Fencing)

Often times we donate goats to compounds that are not prepared to properly maintain these animals. While we work on funding a true Give A Goat Farm, we focus efforts on keeping the donated animals safe from children, other animals and disease. One way we do this is by building a fence. Fencing has been a successful way for us to keep the goats healthy and happy. We also bring in a mound of stones & bricks for them to climb on as a “play” area which can also help with hoof care. Fencing cost can vary depending on the size of the fence and the area we are separating for the goats, but the average cost including labor is approximately 575,000 shillings ($210.00)

Goat Identification

For breeding purposes we are trying very hard at Give A Goat to keep the breed as pure as possible.  We are working on goat identification tags as well as our current collars with names and a scripture from the Bible.  John 3:16 is on each one.  The collars and identification tagging will help thwart the chance of inbreeding and specific breeds not needing to mate with other breeds.  The collars and the id tagging is a typically a one time purchase for each goat.  The cost is approximately 27,300 shillings ($10)per collar & 13,600 shillings ($5.00)for each tag.